The Rise and Fall of the Columbian Empire



Columbus sails to the New World; two major continents are named in his honor,

Northern and Southern Columbia. European colonization of the New World. British and French settlements in N. Columbia, except for Florida. Spanish and Portuguese in Central Columbia and S. Columbia …. Establishment of French, British, Spanish, and Portuguese colonial empires.

Magic’s revival begins under Elizabeth I and James I (who was very interested in the magical) through the efforts of such great witches as Shakespeare, Marlowe, Edward de Vere, Ben Jonson, Simon Forman, and Richard Burbage, and in Europe, Cervantes, and others. A parallel revival in Ireland is supported by the High King at Tara.

The complete return of magic to British society is stalled temporarily by the Puritans. Charles II’s restoration marks the renewal of the magical revival. Gradually, under Charles II and James II, things go back to as they were under Elizabeth I and James I.

The Second Puritan Rebellion of 1688 is crushed, an attempt to place James II’s Puritan daughter, Mary, on the throne. James III becomes King in 1714; a third Puritan uprising is put down in 1715; a fourth in 1745. Many Puritans emigrate to the Columbian colonies and Canada after 1715 and 1745. The pendulum fully swings back. With the encouragement of James III and Charles III, and the Irish High King, magic is used openly in Britain and Ireland (semi-sovereign). The First Folk (fairies, witches, and the like) began to live openly. This way of life becomes common throughout the Old World.

In 1763, James III sends his third son, Robert, to the British Columbian colonies to serve as Viceroy and to establish a unified colonial government. There is initial resistance in the New World colonies to the acceptance of the magical (due in part to the large number of Puritans who immigrated after the Restoration and the Rebellions), and conflict with the indigenous magical.

In the early 1770’s, Charles III (who succeeded his father as King in 1766) and Robert began quarreling over the degree of autonomy the colonies have, especially in regard to taxation, military conscription, and representation in the British Parliament. The quarrel intensifies into armed conflict.

1776-1782       Columbian Revolution, with colonial victory (with French support) establishment of Columbian Empire, Robert Stuart is crowned Robert I, the first Emperor.

Canada is divided: Anglo-Canada remains British; Quebec returns to French rule.

First British colony established in Australia.

1789-1799       French Revolution: overthrow of monarchy, republic established, Reign of Terror

Napoleon Bonaparte’s election as First Consul in 1799 ends Revolutionary period

1791                 French royal family flees to Quebec; when troops mutiny in support of Louis XVI on                                                  on July 14 Quebec is declared independent as French Kingdom of Quebec, with Louis XVI as King.

1791-1794       Thousands of French royalists and nobility flee to Quebec

1804                 Napoleon I crowned Emperor of France, sells Louisiana to Columbia to finance his                                                     imperial ambitions

British settlement of New Zealand begins

British Witch Council begins to have advisory role with government; the Merlin is in the Cabinet.

1805-1810       Witch Councils are established in Australia and in New Zealand

1812-1814       First Canadian War, conquest of Ontario; Quebec supports Columbia in exchange                           for Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, thousands of Anglophones emigrate to Columbia or Anglo-Canada

Napoleon I defeated, 2nd French republic established

1820’s-30’s     Revolutions in Central and Southern Columbia: independence of Brasil, Nueva Granada, Andean Confederacy, Gran Argentina, Uruguay, the short-lived Central Columbian Federation…

1821                independence of Mexican Empire, Carlos I crowned Emperor.

1839                After war with Mexico and conquest of Guatemala, Central Columbian Federation dissolves into Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

1845                First Mexican War, Texas joins the Empire

Birth of Randolph Runs with Deer, in Cherokee, NC

1847-1848       Second Mexican War, New Mexico and the Californias are conquered

1849-1850       Second Canadian War, remainder of Anglo-Canada conquered

1861-1865       Columbian Civil War

1870’s-80’s     Indian Wars; Imperial Centennial celebrated

1880’s              The founding of the Church of the Rational Christ, Scientist, and its political wing, the Rationalist Reform Movement (RRM), in the late-1880’s exacerbated the tensions between humans and First Folk. The church teaches that First Folks are not normal and are less than human. The slang terms, para and sub come into use, from paranormal and subhuman. Rationalist movement began in the 1850’s and 60’s, in the Columbian Industrial Revolution, grew out of the Puritan Church and the Puritan Revivals of the 1840’s and 50’s.

Most mainline Protestant churches merge into Rationalist super-church by 1900

1898                Caribbean War, conquest of Cuba and Puerto Rico

1903                Isthmus War with Nueva Granada, conquest of Panama, construction of canal begins, completed 1909

1905                Treaty of Santo Domingo establishes Caribbean Confederacy,

1914-1918       First Great Crusade or World War I is fought to a stalemate between the various factions in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific. The Church, as a result, consolidates power in the New World, forges alliance with military.

Britain recognizes Irish full sovereignty, in exchange for military alliance.

1918                  Glorious Revolution, backed by military, and Church, Theodore Roosevelt deposes Robert II, takes the throne

1920’s                Persecution of First Folk open, supported by government

1926                   Paul Reed born in Orange County, Northern Carolina

1931                   Eleanora Bennett born in Chatham County, Northern Carolina

1938                    the Great Purge, restrictive laws in place, regulating religious, ethnic, and racial minorities, Talking Beasts disappear


September 1: War begins when Columbian troops occupy Greenland, Theodore II declares annexation. Second Great Crusade or World War II is fought between the New World Alliance NWA), led by the Church of the Rational Christ, Scientist and the Columbian Empire, and the Old World Coalition (OWC), led by the Old Faith Councils, the Gaeans, and the Wiccans, and the British, French, Germans, and Russians. Hell-making weaponry and saturation bombing used in 1944, without restraints, by the NWA Big Six (the Columbian Empire, Quebec, Mexico, Brasil, Nueva Granada, and Gran Argentina), resulting in June 6-13, 1944: Ireland is burned, 6 million die in initial attack, resulting in the Irish Holocaust. Tara is destroyed and the High King, Cormac XIX, and all of his family are killed. The OWC’s counter-use of previously forbidden sky magic brings about a ceasefire.

1944-47           Ceasefire holds, diplomatic bickering, military skirmishes

1947                Treaty of San Francisco: Establishment of cordon sanitaire, latitudes 30 West and 179 East, quarantine of Old World. Bennett family attempts to escape Columbia, caught at Quebec border, parents and youngest daughter killed, Eleanora survives


In the New World:

Fairies and many witches, deprived of almost all legal and social protection, are forced into iron-fenced ghettoes. As witches do not, as a rule, look nonhuman, those who are not exterminated or forced into ghettoes, go into hiding and/or pass as normal. Vampires are hunted to extinction, as are most wers—a small number are used for experiments or kept in zoos. An even smaller number go into hiding. Those pans, sylvans, and mers, who survived the persecutions, are kept in reservations, or go into hiding. Various small groups have remained free in hiding; hybrids survive by passing as normals after surgery or with drugs and protective magic. Hybrids caught passing are publicly executed, as are witches. Creatures such as dragons are hunted mercilessly, others, such as pegasi and unicorns, are in zoos. Magic is prohibited in the NWA, per the 1947 Treaty of San Francisco.

1953                Eleanora married Paul

1955                Birth of Charles and Elliott Reed, twins, January 15, in Durham, NC

1956                First live-TV broadcast from the White House

1957                Reeds build house in Orange County, north of Chapel Hill

1959                Gavin Paul Reed born, November 9, in Durham, NC

1960                Randolph (Runs with Deer) Deerman opens Calvander clinic

1969                Apollo 11 lands men on the Moon

1971                July: Gavin and Torin meet, bond; Gavin believes this to be a dream.

1972                November: Paul, twins, leave Eleanora and Gavin

1976                Viking spacecraft lands on Mars in honor of Imperial Bicentennial

August: Jason’s family moves back to Chapel Hill

Automatic Reporting Machines (ARM’s) are first used, Gavin and Jason bond.

November: Eleanora discovers Gavin’s relationship with Jason, turns in Basnights, Jason commits suicide to protect Gavin

1977                Theodore III incapacitated by a stroke, regency of Crown Prince Robert

Relaxation begins

1978                Gavin graduates from high school

1980                February: Theodore III dies, succeeded by Robert III; Gavin meets Raoul

March: snowstorm, Gavin and Raoul bond

Assassination attempted, Robert III lives, martial law, black buses first used, end

of Relaxation; Raoul “disappeared” on a black bus

Gavin has mental breakdown, attempts suicide

1987                Gavin graduates from UNC

1987-1995       Construction of Roosevelt Space Station

1990                Gavin starts full-time job at UNC library

1995                Alliance Base established on the Moon

March : birth of grandson of Robert III, son of Crown Prince Theodore, and Crown Princess Carlotta, the Princess Royal of Mexico

June: Rose Garden Massacre, assassination of Robert III, his wife, their daughter, their son, Crown Prince Theodore; martial law, purge; Prince Henry, third child of Robert III, assumes Regency for his nephew, Robert IV

Gavin learns his mother turned in Basnights, renounces her.

1996               January 6: Gavin marries Sophia, both start jobs in Raleigh, NC

1997               January: Luna Maria Himmelman first human born on the Moon

March: Grey Roland Reed born

1998                Sophia and Gavin separate, divorce


56 years have passed the end of the Second Great Crusade. There have been signs of the resurgence of magic, as various resistance groups have been arisen, including Radio Free Columbia (RFC). The Earth itself seems to be in defiance of the triumph of science. Since 1990, earthquakes have become a regular occurrence throughout the NWA. Volcanoes have erupted in completely unexpected places; wild tornadoes and tsunamis have caused much damage. None of this can be explained by NWA scientists or the Church/military. Stories of prophecies of a reckoning due at the Millennium (for the Old World, this comes at Samhain, for the New, January 1) have been spread by word of mouth, via RFC broadcasts, and illegal publications. Of course, in the NWA, especially in Columbia, governments’ reaction has been harsh reprisals, increased restrictions, and the like. Hybrids are especially vulnerable, as they are considered monstrous births, resulting from vile acts of sin. While both human and First Folk sexuality cover the full spectrum, only heterosexuality is legal in NWA territory. Any other sexuality in the human population is considered proof of fairy or magic blood and is punishable by death. Fairies are notorious for their bisexuality and the loose relationships in a nest, which are groupings composed of two or three tetrads and their children. A tetrad is the basic fairy social unit: four souls representing fire, air, water, and earth.

In this other Earth, while parallel in many ways to our own, particularly in the details of the mundane, magic is real, as are the people of magic, the Old People or the First Folk: fairies, witches, wers (shapeshifters, such as werewolves), vampires, mers, sylvans (including pans and centaurs), and the water- and tree-numina. Humans are a related, albeit younger species; matings between humans and First Folk produce viable hybrid offspring

There has been little to no contact between the New World and the Old since 1947

2000    Main Events of The Golden Boy

Fall of the Empire, October 31: Storm Night

2006    Main Events of Earth and Fire, Seeking Air, Grieving Water


Kings and Queens:

of England and Scotland:


House of Stuart, 1603-

James I           1603-1625

Charles I          1625-1649 (second son of James I)

Commonwealth 1649-1660]

Charles II         1660-1685 (oldest son of Charles I)

1661 Puritan rebellion led by Richard Cromwell, son of Lord Protector

James II           1685-1714 (brother of Charles II)

1688 2nd Puritan rebellion crushed.


United Kingdom of Great Britain (1702-1969)

James II           1702-1714

James III          1714-1766

1715 third Puritan rebellion crushed.

Charles III        1766-1788 (son of James III)

Henry IX          1788-1807 (second son of James III, brother of Charles III)

James IV          1807-1825 (son of Henry IX)

James V           1825-1839 (son of James IV)

Mary II            1839-1903 (grand-niece of James V, marries Arthur Stuart, Scottish cousin)

James VI          1903-1914 (son of Mary II)

Henry X           1914-1915 (son of James VI, assassinated by Rationalist priest)

Charles IV        1915-1936 (second son of James VI, brother of Henry X)

Henry XI          1936-1941 (son of Charles IV, killed in hellmaker attack on London, 2nd Great

Crusade, Buckingham Palace destroyed)

Henry XII         1941 (son of Henry XI and Fiona, Princess Royal of Ireland, dies 11 days after his parents)


the Good          1941-2002 (sister of Henry XII, High Queen of Ireland, 1944-, marries William McIlvaine, lieutenant in the Queen’s Guard at Kensington Palace, new royal residence)

Prime Ministers: Winston Churchill …


United Kingdom of the British Isles (1969-


House of Stuart-McIlvaine

Mary III           2002-2036 (daughter of Anne, law of succession changed to eldest child)

Prime Ministers include Anthony Blair, Gordoun Browne

Elizabeth II       2036-2079 (daughter of Mary III)

Charles V         2079-2083 (son of Elizabeth II)

James VII         2083-          (grandson of Charles V)



Emperors of Columbia:


House of Stuart-Potomac, 1776-1918:

Robert I, the Founder             1776-1801

George I                                  1801-1830 (son of Robert I)

George II                                1830-1861 (son of George I, assassinated by Parliament supporter)

1861-1865: Rule by Parliament, Civil War

George III                                1865-1880: Restoration of direct imperial rule

(grandson of George II, son of Crown Prince Robert, killed in

Second Battle of Washington, 1865)

Margaret Mary                          1880-1901 (daughter of George III)

Robert II, the Traitor                 1901-deposed in 1918, exiled to Brasil (son of Margaret Mary)


House of Roosevelt, 1918-

Theodore I, the Conqueror       1918-1938

Theodore II, the Victorious       1938-1954 (son of Theodore I, married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert II)

Theodore III                             1954-1980 (son of Theodore II, grandson of Robert II)

Robert III                                   1980-1995 (son of Theodore III, assassinated in Rose Garden Massacre)

Robert IV                                 1995-   (grandson of Robert III, regency of Henry, uncle)


Fall of the Empire                     Storm Night, October 31, 2000